2014 Rembrandt Young Artists

Our 19th Annual High School Chamber Music Competition
was held on February 2, 2014 at Regenstein Recital Hall at Northwestern University.

Congratulations to our 2014 Rembrandt Young Artists!

Competition Winners

1st Place: Vox Quartet
Serena Harnack, Hansuh Rhee, Mira Williams, Nathan Mo
Coached by: Mathias Tacke
Academy of the Music Institute of Chicago

1st Place: Precipice Saxophone Quartet
Justin Udnay, Lizzy Amber Rangel, Logan Curry, Shane Woods
Coached by: Shawn Tracy
Merit School of Music

2nd Place: Quarter Fuoco
Rachel Stenzel, Aidon Perreault, David Berghoff, Chris Gao
Coached by: Mathias Tacke
Midwest Young Artists

Honorable Mention:

Trio Anima
Steven Song, Leevy Williams, David Hou
Coached by: Elaine Felder
Academy of the Music Institute of Chicago

Amethyst Piano Trio
Harriet Han, Daniel Kaler, Yoan Ganav
Coached by: Robert Bassill
Midwest Young Artists